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Game Hosting

In our time we have been active in many sectors of e-commerce.

There were two sectors however that always stuck around. Web hosting and online games.

Now we have finally decided to combine our expertise to provide a perfect solution for you.
Our cluster is specially laid out to handle the heavier traffic of game sites. We use the next-generation H-sphere control panel with EasyApp and SiteStudio included. We offer support for all the main scripting languages (PHP, ASP, Perl, ...). We also offer support for all important databases, from the same account (MsSQL, MySQL, PgSQL, Ms Access, ... We even have multiple dedicated servers for each.

This redundant setup will ensure that no matter how many players you have online our servers will handle it as the load will get balanced across several servers in stead of the usual one. If anything ever would happen to fail then you will have the rest of the cluster to keep up the other services in stead of it bringing all our services down, communication possibilities to get the issue resolved would at all times remain intact.

To reflect this anyone who hosts with us will later on receive a seal here on RPG Top List stating our guarantee for the uptime of the game. All of our staff are also veteran programmers and will be able to help you set up your game on our servers quickly and detect and solve any problems in the process. This also allows you to hire us in emergencies to solve any bug you may have or code new features, directly from your hosting account.

Unix plans (recommended!) | Windows plans
For more info check out our Web Hosting site: LotD Hosting
or email us at support (at) lotdhosting.com.
If you aren't interested in the hosting itself, but want to help us and earn some money in the process. Check out our Web Hosting Affiliate Program.
Current games with service guarantee:
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This week's Top 10
1. VTAffliction6
2. Rocking Rackets - Tennis Manager1
3. Dawn of a New Era0
4. Crimson Legacy0
5. Chaos Chapter0
6. Forgotten Worlds0
7. Dark Knights0
8. Flaming darkness (FD RPG)0
9. KillinG NatioN0
10. Cell Breach0


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