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Offer for CivTown
Offered:$2500 In game cash
Details:$2500 CivTown cash as a gift from CivTown. A better understanding- Civtown, you get to travel to diferent blocks dealing with players in your current block. You get to buy multiple lands, as many as you wish. you can build a house and give a key to other players to visit your home and chat with you privatly. You can start your own business, hire real players, make real food in your diners kitchen, or sell your cows you grow from your farms to the diners, grain, or meat. Build your own casino! each casino consists of a verry fancy Slots, and a verry realistic casino style roulette table you can actualy place bets on just like the real tables. So come on in, and check it out!

Next round in -19199 Hours -18 Minutes -57 Seconds

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