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Offer for Warriox Adventure
Offered:Holiday Gift Drops
Details:Warriox Adventure is proud to announce our first holiday update! While traversing from Old Towne Cottonwood to Prospector's Frontier, you might just be lucky enough to find some wonderful gift that dropped from Santa's sleigh, as he passed by overhead. Keep your eyes open in the Underground, and you might even stumble onto one in the darkness, which has been carried in by some unknown creature. Don't run too fast though, or you might just trip and bump your head, or worse yet, you might pass right by that holiday collectable without ever even seeing it. Move at a casual speed and keep your eyes open for the best chance to find them and collect them. Once you have found them and tucked them away in your rucksack, you will be able to enjoy cuddling or snuggling with some of them. Others you may want to snack on, while you are on your long adventure, as they will give you energy and stamina in short bursts. Hurry and sign up for your chance to start collecting these rare items, as they won't last long! Happy Holidays and Merry Chrismas from Warriox Adventure, Az_Critter (Owner of WA)

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6. Forgotten Worlds0
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8. Flaming darkness (FD RPG)0
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